Valery A. Kourinsky
Autobiographical CV    May 15, 1998

Valery A.Kourinsky Valery Aleksandrovitch Kourinsky's curriculum vitae is distinguished by some uncommon features that can be understood only within the socio-political context of the former USSR and World War II.  He was born there July 13,1939 where he maintains citizenship and residency to the present day . In early childhood however, he had been a concentration camp prisoner near Vienna. After 1945, he, his parents and elder brother were on constant alert expecting re-arrest and new imprisonment. All of that molded the most important features of his future mental, and in particular, scientific way of existence, in which were interwoven the feverish endeavors to be "a man of this planet" as well as his homeland. He was aware from these early experiences of living on a planet pervaded with artificial restrictions, and has forever carried a sense of existing in a world that is full and gloomy with barricaded exits, where lives, companions and possibilities are separated and maimed by total hypocracy.

Nonetheless almost clandestine intentions, step by step, were coming true and he was graduated from conservatory in Kiev.  Next, he became an independent author of lyrics and poems, operatic libretti and radio- and TV-scripts. Working in parallel, his researches in sociology, philosophy of life and education remained ideologically incompatible with official Soviet science, or rather with circum-science communist bureaucracy. Only in the recent Gorbatchev-era has he begun publishing his books and articles.  To this day, the former popular literary day-laborer, as he esteems to be himself, Kourinsky delivers lectures in different institutes and universities in overcrowded auditoriums and assembly halls. The reason has been evident. It is the attractiveness of new ideas and a philosophy of survival, notions becoming more and more relevant for the large number of people craving for free philosophical thinking, an act socially and politically prohibited not so very long ago.

Now V.A. Kourinsky is President of International Academy of Autodidactics; a member of eight Academies of Sciences including the National Social and Intellectual Technologies Academy (Russia) and the International Pedagogic Academy; an author of several hundreds of elaborate learning courses on the many branches of philosophy and education; he is author of many scientific books and articles, as well as an original methodology of self-learning, applied between others in field of practical linguistics; also, piano and violin playing technique, economics, management, sociology, politology (especially the idea of "country as hyperpersonality"), psychiatry (algorithms of prophylactic activity and such as this.

Valery A.Kourinsky His followers are dispersed throughout the world, with relatively well organized centers in the former USSR (most notably in Moscow, Kiev, Krasnodar,  Kharkov, Ulan-Ude).  His main contemporary scientific interest is a new research path he founded and established entitled, "Post-psychology".  

In recent years he continues to give performances as a violinist and a pianist (with improvisation), composes music (about 200 symphonies and dozens of miniatures for symphonic orchestra as well as for single instruments created by using computer programs in a special way), and creates graphics (nowadays also using PC). As a writer he has produced more than four thousand sonnets in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages.  Also, there are many poems, stories and five novels to his credit.   Living alternatively in different cities and countries, but mainly in Moscow, Russia, and Kiev, Ukraine, V.A. Kourinsky is member of Independent Expert Council for Strategic Analyze of External and Internal Politics (under the aegis of Council of Federation of Russian Federation).